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Marianne McDonough is a well-renowned writer, freelance journalist, and creative arts director from Minnesota. It is noted that Marianne also has a personal interest in music and dancing. When it comes to her education, the author holds a bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education and a Master of Arts in mass communication. In 2012, Marianne was diagnosed with breast cancer. The author did not take the news lightly and she says she felt powerless for the first time and was no longer in charge of the life. The situation was what pushed her to write two books; eight steps to getting real with cancer and beating cancer one truth at a time. In both books, she uses her own experience in addressing what cancer patients go through and how to overcome the challenges.

In her book eight steps to getting real with cancer, Marianne addresses those patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and those who care about them. Here, she talks of her experience during her first few weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. During the first weeks, she says that the patients feel powerless and scared. They also have so many questions and want to gather as much information regarding the condition they find themselves in. Eight steps to getting real with cancer is a book that explains some of the questions that the patient may have on their mind. Here, Marianne uses her own experience to address issues like how a patient can interact with her friends and family. Also, she addresses the issue of how a patient can interact with their doctor and the type of treatment they will choose. In the book, she explains the patient’s fear of death, how to deal with stress, and if they think God knows about the pain they are going through. When writing the book, the author made sure that it is short and precise as she understood that new cancer patients may not have the energy and patience to read along and complicated book.

In her second book beating cancer one truth at a time, Marianne focuses on research carried out on cancer and the survivor’s testimonies. Although the book also focuses on newly diagnosed patients, it also emphasizes on research and provides more information and discussions regarding cancer. When writing the book, Marianne says she imagined herself talking one on one with a cancer patient regarding their struggles. She writes on how cancer patients overcame all the obstacles they faced during the diagnosis and treatment journey. In her book, the author focuses on making the patient feel good about the treatment journey and give them confidence in facing any problem they may encounter. The book also makes patients believe that they did all they could in fighting cancer and make them feel proud of themselves. Up to today, Marianne gives hope to cancer patients and encourages people to go for check-ups more often through her blogs. She emphasizes that early detection of cancer is important as one can get cured, lives a long and normal life, and become a cancer survivor.

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