Autofill in Browsers Vulnerable to Data Theft

Autofill is one of the features offered by most browsers. With this feature, the browser can automatically save and fill in a number of data such as account names and passwords, credit card numbers, and so on.

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Indeed, this feature looks useful and practical because users do not have to fill in the same data repeatedly. But behind this there turns out to be a data theft vulnerability.

Kaspersky’s findings show, the autofill feature can be an entry point for hackers, if the computer is infected with malware that can steal information from the browser.

The first half of 2019, Kaspersky detected more than 940 thousand actions like this. Compared to the same period in 2018, this figure has increased by a third.

Kaspersky also stressed that hackers were not only interested in the autofill feature in the browser, but also that they were trying to find a crypto currency … Read More

Here are 4 ways to keep teens safe on Instagram

Social media has become a part that cannot be separated from the lives of people, both among adolescents, young adults, and the elderly.

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Even so, this social network sharing photos and videos understands, parents often find it difficult to find out what their teenagers are doing on social media.

Here are things parents can do to ensure the safety of their teenagers on Instagram.

  1. Understand the Reasons for Teenagers Using Instagram

The first step parents can take is to understand the reasons why their teenagers use Instagram.

Teenagers generally use Instagram to celebrate important events, share daily moments, connect with friends and family, build community and meet people who share the same interests and interests.

2. Encourage Teenagers to Be Themselves

From the start using Instagram, parents can invite their teenagers to determine whether to make their account public or private.

If teenagers know that they have control over their … Read More

Kaspersky Warns of Fraud Under the Urge of Funding on the Internet

Campaign activities in the form of fictitious funds are covering Facebook. The pattern is quite simple: the actors create a group, then they add some content. They wrote details about how to make a bank transfer, supported by a convincing narrative.

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Generally the group tends to be cliché. The name of the group reflects requests for help and the group’s content depicts emotional stories, usually about children suffering from serious illnesses, then dramatized with the addition of certain photos and videos.

Some content usually copies content from other fraud groups verbatim. The only difference is the child’s name, disease diagnosis, and the name of the hospital where. Not infrequently the contact information and bank transfer details are printed exactly the same as in some groups. This indicates fraud that should be easy to know.

New fraud groups can emerge every month, and although complaints from the public are able to … Read More