3 Factors that upturn speed of your Website 

Google is continuously updating its algorithm to filter websites based on accurate keywords and its relevancy; however, content, keywords and backlinks have the most valuable element in terms of its weight. But it doesn’t mean you haze the importance of website speed because now it is also the part of website search ranking that influence Google ranking.

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In order to get the best optimization, you can hire an affordable SEO agency for safe and sound transformation of your existing website it will prolong your website structure and dissolve the speed issues of your site.

What to Do to Improve Website Speed

Before fasten up to accelerate your website speed it is important to take a couple of steps. In order to increase the speed, you first need to measure the present speed of your website. Or else you never know it’s slow on not.

  1. Calculate Loading Times

Measure your current speed with website load time measure tools. The choice is yours as you have many options. Choose whatever tool you like but make sure you get the accurate time. Validate your test results on a few different tools as well.

  1. Transfer to a Faster Hosting Server 

One of the most common reasons steps slow speeds is because of the server you are hosting. There are multiple reasons behind like the hosting company might not be able to provide fast servers.

The quick and easy way to get rid of is to upgrade your package or account. Furthermore, if you have a large website with a heavy database and several pages and you are appointed with a shared account then remember no one can offer the speed you are looking for. Ask for VPS (virtual private server) or dedicated server according to the content of the website.

  1. Elevate Your Websites 

If you find the above factors are not concerned, then transform your website. Optimize your code and images to increase website speed.  You can compress images into a smaller size.