5 Types of Online Businesses that are Profitable: Perfect for Millennials!

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On Wikipedia it is said that millennials are those born in the 1980s to the 1990s. The article that you are reading is devoted to the millennial generation. The goal is very clear, namely that millennials can optimize their potential, and not just survive through life. If you belong to the generation born in that period, then this article will be very suitable for you.

Conversely, if you are not part of the millennial generation, you may share this article with relatives, friends, or relatives who are in need. Immediately, these 5 types of online businesses that are profitable and suitable for millennials.

Online courses

Online courses or e-courses have actually been around since 2011. But because at that time the digital era was not booming as it is now, the resonance was not very audible.

It is only in recent years, we often hear a variety of courses and online learning such as teacher’s room and the like.

If you have skills and expertise in a particular field, you can consider opening an e-course privately or with friends.

Even more so at this time, internet connection speeds in Indonesia are far better than a few years ago. And the price is quite affordable.

A few tips, you can use YouTube videos to deliver online course material to participants.

Content writer

Have a hobby of writing? If so, don’t waste your talent. Because these hobbies can make a decent amount of money. How, you can open an article content writing service. You can continue to hone your writing skills by opening a content creation service, and get paid! So let’s just say that you study while being paid.

Article content writing services is one of the businesses that has the potential to generate many benefits. The benchmark, is the increasing number of online media on the internet. Do not believe? Now look around you … Nowadays there are so many online media that are scattered on the internet. From micro to corporate scale, everything requires quality article content.

From there it can be concluded that the demand for article content writers at this time is very high. It will even increase in the next few years. For those of you who are sure to have good writing and quality, it never hurts to open an article writing service. For the tariff, you can adjust it.


You may have read the product offering page, which explains in detail about the product in question.

In essence, the page tries to explain in as much detail as possible about a particular product or service, so you feel obliged to buy it immediately. This is called copywriting. While the author is referred to as a copywriter. In general, the task of a copywriter is almost the same as a content writer, which is writing. But its application in the field is not that easy.

Because in fact, the task of a copywriter is much tougher. They are required to be able to make a complete, detailed, detailed, and essentially offer page that can make the reader interested in buying. This makes the tariff of a copwywriter far greater than a content writer in general. Generally it can reach 2-3 times. This rate is very comparable to the performance produced by a copywriter.


Almost the same as content writers and copywriters, a translator (translator) is also needed at this time. The mandatory language that must be mastered by a translator is of course English.

But if you really want to pursue the profession as a translator, it’s good for you to master a foreign language which is also the official language of the United Nations.

FYI, the official languages ​​of the United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Website creation services

This is the last type of potential online business in this article, as well as much needed by the 4 previous businesses. From online courses, content writing, copywriting, to translators, all of them need a place to peddle the business. And the container is called a website.

In general, this website is divided into 2 parts. There is a 3rd party website and there is a self owned website. The 3rd party website is like a marketplace, where you can freely sell there, but still have to comply with regulations given by the marketplace manager. Meanwhile, if your own website, you can be much more flexible in using it. This is what makes many people more interested in using their own website rather than riding on a 3rd party website.