7 Benefits of Backlinks for Your Website SEO

It can be said that SEO as a marketing strategy is a fairly new thing, some technology companies may already be very familiar with this strategy, and even have their own backlink service subscriptions. But what about MSMEs? Usually, employees who work in small or medium industries and have bosses who are not updated with new information will find it quite difficult to explain how SEO works to their bosses, which in the end the website does not get the right strategy in terms of SEO optimization. Are you one of the people experiencing the same problem? For example, having difficulty explaining the benefits of backlinks for website SEO to the boss at the office so that the budget for buying backlinks does not go down? You can say a few things.

  • Build Authority

The word authority is certainly familiar to those who work in the realm of websites, especially SEO. Simply put, a web authority is a website that is known by Google as a website that has a good reputation, the information is always useful, and is liked by visitors. The key to website authority is in the content, but one of the indicators that Google uses to assess authority is the number and quality of backlinks.

One of the benefits of backlinks is to build web authority, with backlinks your website will gain more trust than search engines.

  • Increase Traffic

Who owns a website that doesn’t want traffic? We don’t think so, you could say traffic is one of the most important assets, and the benefit of backlinks for websites is that it can increase traffic. Actually this has something to do with the point above, because after all, websites that have authority will be liked by search engines, so their content is always at the top of search engines. Try to look at the most famous sites in Indonesia, the Alexa version, below is Alexa – Top Sites in Indonesia – Alexa. And see how the backlinks are on that website? Behind the massive traffic, there are thousands of backlinks that make these websites get so much traffic.

  • Raise Keyword

The third benefit of backlinks is to increase certain keywords on a website. For example, if your website sells certain products, such as ‘iphone service Surabaya’, so that your website page appears on Google with the top rank, you can inject a backlink to that page. Routinely providing backlinks can actually not only be used to increase keywords on Google, but this can also be used to maintain the keyword’s position on Google. So if you want certain keywords from your website to continue to survive, you can routinely provide backlinks, but the anchors are made varied.

  • Diversity Traffic

One of the best traffic is traffic that comes from search engines like Google, we know this as organic traffic. Even if you monetize your ads with Google Adsense, organic traffic has a much higher ad bid compared to other types of traffic. Unfortunately getting organic traffic takes time, and backlinks can be useful for getting traffic in a short time. We know this traffic as referral traffic. So not only to increase traffic organically, backlinks are also useful for getting referral type traffic.

  • Brand Awareness

Backlinks can also be used as a way to increase brand awareness of your business website. The more people who know your website, of course, the more people will visit your website, which in turn will buy the products you sell. Having read news that contains words like this “reported from tirto.id” automatically readers will recognize tirto.id as a credible news website as a reference, and over time people will always remember this. Advertorial type ads are usually very powerful for increasing brand awareness and also getting backlinks.

  • Promotion media

Not only can you use backlinks to improve the SEO reputation of your business website, it can also be used for media promotions which eventually attracts many people to buy your products. In the promotion strategy, we know what is called an advertorial, which is a type of advertisement made in the style of journalism.

Instead of just introducing your brand in the text, you can also request a link that will point to your site. So not only as a promotional event, you will also get backlinks for your website.

  • Directory Link

You could say if your website is included in a directory site, there is a possibility that your website will be known by new audiences. Why is that so? Websites that provide backlinks to your website will serve as directories, namely the first website that will introduce your website to their readers. This can be an investment in getting new audiences on an ongoing basis.

Those are 7 benefits of backlinks for website SEO, which are not only good for improving SEO optimization, but also have other benefits such as increasing brand awareness, promotional media, to getting new audiences.