8 Best Free SEO Tools Keyword Research Recommendations 2022

In SEO, keywords or keywords have a very important role. Choosing the right keywords will make it easier for your audience to find your website and of course increase conversions. For that, you need to do in-depth keyword research. Well, to make it easier, you can use a free keyword research tool.

Actually, if you don’t want to use keyword tools to do research, that’s not a problem either. However, there are many features in the keyword tool that can help you choose the right keywords. Such as the search volume of these keywords to the level of difficulty of these keywords.

Well, without using a keyword tool, of course the research you do is only limited to what keywords are in search engines. As a result, the selection of keywords that you do is not optimal and not very fruitful. Then, how to do the right keyword research?

What is Keyword Research?

Maybe for some people, keyword research is just looking for which keywords can be used in creating content. Simply search for it in a search engine and see what keywords appear according to the topic of your content. In fact, the meaning of keyword research is more than that.

Keyword or keyword research is research or research to find the right keywords and are relevant to the topic. Well, the word “right” is meant here is that you have to find keywords that are right on target with your goal of creating content. Not just looking for what keywords are on search engines like Google.

Without choosing the right keywords through proper research, the SEO techniques you apply will be in vain. This is because the goal of digital marketing through SEO is not being achieved. Meanwhile, when you do research and choose the right keywords, not only website traffic will increase but also the number of conversions.

Then, how to choose the right keywords in SEO? So that the keywords you choose are right on target, you must know which keywords have value or not. Although search engines have a lot of keywords, but not all of these keywords have a high value.

So, how to find out the value of the keyword? To find out the value of keywords, you can use research tools for free. In every free keyword tool, there are several important features that can help you to do your research. These features include search volume, SEO difficulty level, and long-tail keyword recommendations.

Things to Pay Attention to in Keyword Research

So that the keywords you choose are right on target, there are several things you need to pay attention to when doing keyword research using free tools. As explained earlier, in determining a keyword, you must choose high-value keywords. Well, there are 4 things to consider to choose high-value keywords.

1. Search Intent

Search intent is what the reader intends when searching in a search engine. This relates to content that must meet the wants and needs of the audience. Therefore, it is very important to know the search intent of a keyword or topic you choose. Well, to find out this search intent, you can use a free keyword research tool.

In the keyword tool, you can type the keywords you want to use. After that, various content related to these keywords will appear with the number of visits. You can choose keywords from which content is visited the most for you to use in the content of your website or blog.

2. Search Volume

The second thing you should pay attention to is how much the search volume of the keywords you choose. This search volume shows the number of searches that the audience performed related to that keyword. The greater the search volume number, the more the number of people searching and vice versa.

However, not all keywords with low search volume are worthless. All of that goes back to the search intent of a keyword, whether it is really needed by the reader or not. Well, to find out this search volume you have to use a free keyword research tool.

3. SEO Difficulty

SEO difficulty is a number that shows the difficulty level of a keyword to occupy the first page of the SERP. The higher the SEO difficulty number, the more difficult it will be for your content to occupy the first page of the SERP with that keyword. Usually, keywords with high search volumes also have high SEO difficulty numbers.

That is, the keyword has a high value. Then, how do we make the content we create occupy the first page with high-value keywords? You can choose keywords with a not too high number of SEO difficulties. That way, your content has the opportunity to occupy the first page of the SERP.

4. Keyword Trends

The last thing you should pay attention to is the trend of these keywords. Actually, this trend does not really determine whether a keyword is of high value or not. This is because there is a lot of evergreen content. However, choosing trending keywords can also increase website traffic and possibly the number of conversions.

You can do this keyword trend research for free. In fact, Google also facilitates the existence of Google Trends. Through various free tools, you can do keyword research that is currently trending in the country and the world. However, in choosing keywords, it always comes back to the search intent of these keywords, whether they are needed by your audience or not.

Recommended Free Keyword Research Tool

From the explanation above, you already know some things to consider when doing keyword research. So, so that your keyword research can be maximized, you can use the various free keyword tools available. Here are free keyword tool recommendations for maximum keyword research.

1. Google Planner – Free Keyword Research

The first free keyword tool you can use to do your research is Google Planner. As a keyword planner, this Google SEO tool is used to find keywords that are right on target. Just like other SEO tools, Google Planner also displays information on search volume, SEO difficulty, and cost per click.

Actually, this keyword planner was created by Google to help its users to maximize the Google Ads they install. Google Planner works by providing information related to keywords that are relevant to the business ads that users will place. Well, it is this keyword feature that you can use for content on your website and blog.

2. Keywordtool.io

One way to maximize the implementation of SEO in your content is to also use derived keywords and long-tail keywords. Well, to research these two types of keywords, you can use the Keywordtool.io tool for free. The method is quite easy, just enter the keywords you choose in the search field and press the enter key.

After that, Keywordtool.io will display a number of keyword results that are relevant to your keywords. However, if you want to use other features like search volume and SEO difficulty, you can subscribe to a pro service. Besides Google, this free keyword tool can also do research for Youtube, Play Store, Twitter, Amazon, and others.

3. Ubersuggest – Free Keyword Research

One of the free keyword tools that allows you to get various information in one research is Ubersuggest. Just like other keyword tools, Ubersuggest also displays information such as search volume, SEO difficulty, and others for the past month.

However, what makes Ubersuggest different is that it also displays other information such as keyword ideas that you can use and other content relevant to your keywords. There are three main features that you can use for free for keyword research, namely keyword analyzer, competitive analysis, and SEO explorer.

4. Soovle – Free Keyword Research

As we know, the audience doesn’t just come from Google, right? Therefore, it is also important for you to know the keyword recommendations from other platforms. To make this research easier, you can use Soovle’s keyword tool for free. What’s interesting about Soovle is the keyword research feature from various platforms at once.

Soovle not only displays keyword recommendations from Google or Bing, you know. There are many big platforms such as Wikipedia, Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon, Answers, and others that are included in the research results from Soovle. By using Soovle, of course, your keyword recommendations become wider.

5. LSI Graph Keywords

In order to maximize the use of keywords in each of your content, you can use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) in each of your content. So, to get the right LSI, you can use the free LSI Graph Keywords keyword tool to do research.

There are many features that this free keyword tool offers users in doing research. Starting from unlimited LSI keywords, precise search volume data, Latent Semantic Value, to the top websites with these keywords. Well, all of these features you can use for free to do LSI keyword research.


Keywords are the most important component in SEO techniques. Therefore, it is very important for you to do research on the right keywords. Well, you can do this keyword research for free by using the recommended tool above. However, don’t forget to pay attention to some important things in doing keyword research using free tools.