A bystander is killed in New York after a shot was fired during a dispute nearby

Multiple guns were pulled during the dispute and one person fired the shot that killed the woman, NYPD Deputy Chief of the Detective Bureau in the Bronx Erik Hernandez said.

“We’re confident this is a tragic incident. This person was just walking down the street, she had no involvement in this dispute whatsoever, complete innocent bystander,” Hernandez said at a press conference.

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Officers were called to a reported shooting on East 188th Street around 7 p.m. and they applied quick-clot bandages to the 61-year-old woman’s injury and performed CPR before she was rushed to the hospital, Hernandez said.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said she would “spare no resource” to bring those responsible for the woman’s death to justice.

“We’re here again to address another act of senseless violence on the streets of this city,” Sewell said at the press conference. “Mindless shootings with no thought or fear of the consequences. We know this incident tonight involved a dispute among several men, we do not yet know what that dispute was about, but we do know that an innocent bystander lost her life.”

The woman’s death comes as New York City is grappling with an increase in crime. As of Sunday, there had been 29,608 reports of major crimes like murder, rape, robbery and felony assault this year, according to an NYPD report. That’s a 44% increase from the 20,543 major crimes reported during the same period last year.
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Last month, the NYPD deployed Neighborhood Safety Teams in response to rising gun violence. The teams are a revived version of NYPD’s controversial plainclothes units that were disbanded in 2020. The teams are focused on firearms and received additional training to prevent aggressive and abusive policing tactics that had plagued the prior units, NYPD officials said.

The police precinct that covers where Monday’s shooting happened has a Neighborhood Safety Team and additional resources will be deployed, Sewell said.

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