Add/Change Address on Receipts

We don’t ask for your address when you sign up for CodePen PRO. We don’t need it, as we don’t need to send you anything and we don’t really adjust anything based on your location. But it’s entirely understandable that you might want your address on a receipt of purchase. We get that request all the time. Now, rather than any sort of work-around, we allow you to enter an address that we’ll use for putting on those reciepts.

In your Settings > Billing, you’ll find an “Update Address” button.

Now when you open a receipt for any past charge (available always at Settings > Billing), that address will be there:

Note in the screenshot above I’ve clicked into the address area. That area is always editable, so you can manipulate one-off invoices before printing or saving as PDF, as needed.

Need to add a VAT?

Feel free to use one of the address lines for that, like Address 2 or Country. All these fields do is just output onto the receipt, so you can use them for whatever you need.

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