Children in Southeast Asia Consume Streaming Video Frequently

The latest Kaspersky Safe Kids 2019 report shows that children in the Southeast Asia region often use the internet for entertainment needs in the form of music and video streaming and software downloads. In fact, they often use the internet to watch their favorite television series.

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According to Kaspersky’s report, there is double digit growth in children’s internet usage in accessing software, audio and video streaming websites in Indonesia (38.72 percent to 60.33 percent), the Philippines (25.41 percent to 49.12 percent), Singapore (25.03 percent to 42.32 percent), Thailand (11.28 percent to 37.23%), and Vietnam (27.11 percent to 50.14 percent).

Only Malaysia recorded a slight decline from 60.08 percent to 51.15 percent. But the category is still the top online interest among Malaysian children today.

Software, audio and video streaming categories include websites for downloading audio and video files, namely films, recordings of concerts and sporting events, music, music videos, video clips, audio and video learning materials, etc. Torrent trackers and file sharing services also fall into this category.

“The fact that children are better internet users than us adults. With curiosity and speed in understanding or even making their own online trends, it is undoubtedly important for parents to know their interests and habits,” said Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky.

Global Trends

Kaspersky’s report also shows that video, music and software are increasingly becoming a popular activity for children.

“We are fully aware that these sites can be infiltrated by malware, viruses and other dangerous content. We hope these findings can help parents better understand their children and provide them with the best protection from potential dangers in the digital world, “said Yeo.

Increased interest in this category was also observed globally by Kaspersky. The total number shows the most popular audio, video and software sites in Africa, Asia and in Arab countries.

Following this fact, the decline in PC use for sending messages online reflects changes in children’s preferences in sending messages from using computers to mobile devices.

With their shift in online interest, the top three internet activities for children in the Southeast Asia region in 2019 are software, audio and video websites; online messaging, and e-commerce.