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Ingenious DIY Light Fixtures for Your Room
DIY light fixtures are an excellent way of creating something unique and affordable for your room. As a matter of fact, an interior designer charges anywhere between 100 to 300 dollars per hour. Considering most designing projects will take up 35 hours at the least to get results; undoubtedly the costs will go up. If this seems like a massive investment you aren’t ready for, there is another way. You can create excellent DIY decorations for your room. This guide is full of concepts for your DIY light fixtures. This is the perfect time to learn how to create your light fixtures.
With only some hemp ropes and balls, you can create your customized pendant lights. Next, hold the hemp in place using clear craft glue. To start with, buy a few inexpensive kids’ toy inflated balls that are the size of the pendant you like. Try drawing a small circle on one side of the ball where you want to connect the lighting hardware. The carry on to draw a bigger circle opposite the side of the smaller circle, the bottom of the pendant light. You want abundant light after hanging your pendant, and that is why the open space on the bottom is critical. Lastly apply glue through the hemp rope and then unsystematically wrap it all over the ball, but avoid covering the circled areas. Once the glue has dried up, let the air out of the ball, and remove it out of the whole. The last thing to do is hang your hemp pendant light.
While you could try using some metal containers you have in your homes and drill hole in both sides, it will require a lot of effort. As an alternative, purchase stainless steel containers that already have holes in them. While searching, you could consider IKEA, it has kitchen cylinders utilized for holding utensils. Then, all you have to do is bore a hole in the bottom, and attach the pendant light hardware. The cylinder will hang upside down with the open side facing down. For a bigger light, you could utilize a galvanized metal container. This will be a suitable option if you need to light a bigger space like an outdoor table.
You can as well try making a snowy wall light where you will have a beautiful accent light feature with Christmas light and coffee filters. Start by cutting a specific shape out of the chicken wire; it could be a circle or square. Attach the LED lights to the wire, to uniformly spread. When you have wrapped the chicken wire, suspend the piece on the wall and connect the string lights. Furthermore, this light is attractive as a faux headboard on a bedroom wall.