Feel Blog Traffic or Website “Declining Sharp”? maybe this is the cause

Have you ever felt that the traffic on your blog / website has changed drastically? More precisely the number of visitors fell sharply compared to previous months?

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If you’ve ever found that out, try to remember what you did last time? Are you breaking Google’s rules? or do you really feel like you are not doing anything that can make a website hit by Google Sandbox?

Basically there are several internal & external factors that can make traffic fall dramatically, some factors are as follows.

  1. Changing the Blog / Website Domain Name

Domain names are like a physical address of the house, so if you move house automatically you will also change your home address, right?

That’s the analogy if you change the domain name. Naturally, if the website / blog traffic goes down, because ordinary guests (in this case visitors) still don’t know that your address / domain has moved. Therefore, if you want to restore recovered traffic, you should not forget to redirect the old url to the new url on Google Search Console and various other needs that are considered important.

When you ignore this, your website / blog will automatically take a long time to get back visitors who will be converted into traffic by Google Analytics.

2. Redesigning / Using Other Templates

Website traffic can go down not because of just changing the blog’s domain name, but also redesigning or changing templates (if using CMS like WordPress, Blogspot, Weebly, etc.).

This might sound strange, but that’s the truth. Many people who feel the traffic on the website is falling down after doing this. This is because robots (crawlers) need to re-index all components of the website.

Therefore, don’t make changes to the layout in the future or change the template because it can be bad.

So at the beginning, specify that the template or design used is final.

3. A Change in Google’s Algorithm

When Google updates its latest algorithm, all websites will definitely experience the effects of these updates, which are positive to negative. Depending on how they treat the blog / website so far.

Various algorithms from time to time such as Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon, Until Fred has happened and brought a big impact in the world of SEO.

When you over-do SEO optimization, Google’s existing algorithm will make your website / blog get punished and maybe the traffic that drops is one of the consequences.

According to one SEO service or digital marketing agency to get good SEO results in order to increase traffic enough to do on-page and off-page optimization is reasonable & relevant. That way the website / blog will be safe and will not be negatively affected when Google updates its algorithm.

4. Try Checking Is There an Error / Tracking-Code that Lost on the Website / Blog

Sometimes a small thing like this goes unnoticed, but when it happens can bring extraordinary panic, right?

It is better to check the condition of the tools / plugins used to check the amount of traffic on your website / blog, it may be that the tool / plugin has an error, causing the amount of traffic displayed is not the actual result.

Those are some of the reasons that make why website traffic can drop sharply, so start checking your blog regularly.