Here are 4 ways to keep teens safe on Instagram

Social media has become a part that cannot be separated from the lives of people, both among adolescents, young adults, and the elderly.

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Even so, this social network sharing photos and videos understands, parents often find it difficult to find out what their teenagers are doing on social media.

Here are things parents can do to ensure the safety of their teenagers on Instagram.

  1. Understand the Reasons for Teenagers Using Instagram

The first step parents can take is to understand the reasons why their teenagers use Instagram.

Teenagers generally use Instagram to celebrate important events, share daily moments, connect with friends and family, build community and meet people who share the same interests and interests.

2. Encourage Teenagers to Be Themselves

From the start using Instagram, parents can invite their teenagers to determine whether to make their account public or private.

If teenagers know that they have control over their privacy on Instagram, they can appear to be themselves.

Instagram itself has an Account Privacy feature to determine who can and may not see posts and interact with their accounts.

In addition, teens can also use the Block feature to block accounts that are inappropriate or when they no longer want to interact with certain accounts.

3. Control the Interaction of Teenagers on Instagram

Teenagers have control over who can comment on their posts using the Comment Control feature on Instagram.

Teenagers can also use the Block feature to block certain accounts so comments from that account will no longer appear.

In addition to these two features, your teen can also activate the Comment Filter feature to filter offensive comments.

4. Encourage Teens Use Time Wisely

Accessing social media can sometimes make us forget time. For this reason, parents can monitor how much time teenagers have spent on Instagram through the ‘Your Activity’ Dashboard in the Instagram Settings section.

To maximize the use of their time wisely, parents along with teenagers can set a specific time limit that can be used to access Instagram in a day by activating ‘Set Daily Reminders’.

In addition, teens can also turn off Instagram notifications for a certain period of time through the ‘Pause Notification’ feature.