Instant Free Plagiarism Check Tools from

If you are being pressed for a deadline and don’t know whether the article or document you have created is free of plagiarism, then no need to worry anymore, today we will provide the best solution for this problem through a plagiarism checker tool that is completely accessible for free. Ensuring content, especially articles published on the website are free from plagiarism is a must. As we know that Google does not penalize duplicate content, but content indicated by plagiarism will not get a good position in search engines, especially to rank 1, of course it will be increasingly difficult. It’s not just about SEO, ensuring that the content you create is plagiarism-free as important as a breath of fresh air to stay alive and well!

Plagiarism actually means making sure that your work is not the same as any other existing work published from the web or a book, it can be a presentation of the same idea, the same thought, product, textual content and even images for that matter. Even if you copy the same context without the consent of the original author, then you should know that you could be in serious trouble and must be prepared for the consequences that might occur in the future.

Instant Plagiarism Check Tools from

We understand that, in today’s dynamic era, you need fast but accurate results. There are many plagiarism checker tools on the internet, but we have a free and reliable alternative that is Not all tools on the internet are reliable, especially free ones. Apart from reliability issues, usually sites with “FREE” quotes are not very user friendly.

But not with this free plagiarism check tool, has a simple interface, accurate, reliable results, and most importantly has many other supporting features.

How to Use Plagiarism Tools

As we said, using this tool is quite easy, you just need to visit the site, copy the script, and see the results. Just three steps, simple enough right? and without further ado. 

Here’s how to use this one tool.

  • Open this link and then you will be directed to the instant plagiarism check page which is simple and easy to use. On this page, you will be offered several options from the various features offered by starting from pasting documents in forms, uploading files, via url, and several other features.
  • Please select one of the options available there, either via upload, paste, or via a live link. If on other plagiarism tools the maximum is only 1000 words, in this one tool we can check up to 2000 words.
  • After that you just need to click on the “Check Plagiarism” menu to find out whether your article is detected as plagiarism or not. One more thing, right beside the menu, you can see options to see the grammar as well. Interesting right?

Other Features of

As we said earlier, that this site has some very powerful features to support our work. 

Here are some of the features we mean.

  • A plagiarism checker that can be accessed for free, without even having to register and a series of other troublesome steps. You can visit this site and check as many documents as you want in one day.
  • This one tool also allows you to check documents in various formats, whether stored on your computer, cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox if you want.
  • This tool also allows you to exclude URL addresses that you don’t want to check and can also specify a single address if you want to check for website plagiarism.
  • Through this tool you can also get PDF reports that can help you to authenticate even the content you create is free of plagiarism. In this report, you will find information about content that contains plagiarism and its total percentage.
  • This tool can also make grammatical or grammatical errors in the content you create.
  • And last but not least, this tool can also help you rewrite content that has plagiarism or duplication in it!