List of Free Backlink Giving Websites and How to Get

It is no secret that backlink are one of the ways we can rank websites on Google, but it is not easy for some websites to get backlink. Especially if the website is new, doesn’t have a lot of quality content, and isn’t well-known to people. Of course other web masters are reluctant to provide backlinks to sites like this. In cases like this, there are two options we can do, namely buying backlinks or getting free backlinks from several sites that allow to do this. Yes, that’s right, if buying is not an option for you to choose, getting it for free can be an alternative to optimizing our website. For you business owners who are starting to explore and learn digital marketing, but don’t have much budget, or bloggers who are trying to build a high-traffic website, here we will try to share some backlinks that we can get for free, complete with the method.

List of Free Backlinks

When we started the website, to be honest, we only maximized it through content. But that doesn’t mean we don’t optimize this website through backlinks, we also optimize, but the backlinks come from free backlinks, some of which we will share below.

Only after earns stable income, we optimize with backlinks at a more advanced level. In essence, even though these are free backlinks, from our experience they still have an impact. Only if you want to improve SEO optimization to be better, you can use other options such as buying backlinks or doing guest posts.

  • is a website that is often used by many parties to write various works starting from opinions, scientific works, to complaints. For SEO practitioners, Kompasiana itself is often used to get backlinks. Unfortunately the type of backlink on this website is doffolow. However, kompasiana is very interesting if we use it as a backlink because of its high DA PA.

How to use

  • Please register an account first at
  • Create an article that is relevant to your website.
  • Enter a backlink in your account bio, no need to use html code, just naked link.
  • In addition to entering the bio, we can also include backlinks on articles published on kompasiana.

Medium is actually similar to kompasiana, it is a platform for writing and sharing ideas in the form of written works. Actually, we can use this medium not only to get backlinks, more than that, we can also use this platform for media marketing by writing down products or interesting ideas that we have. If the content you share is interesting, this platform also allows you to get followers. There are two types of accounts that we can create here, namely standard similar to kompasiana, or using medium’s sub domain.

How to use

  • Please register at
  • Write your first work and enter a backlink to your website.

The backlinks that we get from the two websites above are indeed non-follow, if you want to get quality backlinks for free, you can hunt at Millennials are certainly familiar with this site, because their articles often go viral thanks to themes and discussions that many people relate to. Compared to medium and kompasiana, backlinks from hipwee are actually much more impactful, because they are still minimal in spam, unlike the previous two websites.

How to get

  • Please create an account on Hipwee, you can login via Facebook or Google.
  • Write a unique and interesting article, don’t copy and paste it, because the article you send will be moderated by the admin.
  • We will include a backlink in the image section.
  • So take one of the pictures on your website, put it in a post on hipwee, and use your site as the image source.
  • Wait until the admin checks your article, if the article you submitted passes, the article will be published complete with a backlink to your site.

Who is not familiar with wikipedia, this site must have been your closest friend in many ways starting from doing assignments, writing papers, looking for references, to completing thesis. We can also get backlinks from wikipedia, but the method is much more difficult. Regarding backlinks from wikipedia, we have experience, because there is some content from us that naturally gets backlinks from wikipedia.

Although the type of backlink is non-follow, but the effect is quite powerful, our articles immediately get a good position in search engines. But if you want to get backlinks from here, there are many processes that you have to go through.

How to get

  • Please join as a wikipedia contributor, complete several missions so you can have access to many things, including including backlinks.
  • Make sure your website has some content with a comprehensive discussion.
  • How to articles that are relevant to your content, and enrich the content on wikipedia by making the content on your website as a reference or reference.
  • So backlinks from wikipedia, will go directly to the content, not the root domain.
  • Avoid spamming or writing references carelessly, because changes can be made by other contributors, if you make careless changes, they will usually be deleted, or at least replaced by other contributors.

Actually this site is also very close to us digital marketing actors. IntenseDebate is a platform that we can use as a comment system for several CMS blogging such as Tumblr, WordPress, to Blogger. If you want to increase the engagement of the community you are building, you can use this. Now we can also get backlinks from this site, interestingly, the type of backlinks we will get is doffolow.

How to get

  • Use the email that you prepared earlier to register.
  • Complete the necessary personal data such as name and BIO.
  • You can enter a backlink on My Blog. Enter the link that you want to provide a backlink to, it can go directly to the post or start page.
  • Save all settings, and try to visit your public profile.
  • Taraa, the backlink is already on your profile, wait until it gets indexed by Google.

Basically jimdo is a platform that is used to create websites instantly aimed at professionals who want to create a personal web, MSMEs to market products, to bloggers for blogging. Instead of creating a website, many bloggers use this as a dummy web for backlinks. This is because we can create a free website on this platform and get a domain from their subdomain. So the backlinks that we will get will follow the DA PA from, which used to be at

How to get

  • Create an account on jimdo, there are many options, you can login via facebook to a google account.
  • Choose the website you want to create, whether it’s for an online store, a personal blog, or an online store. Please complete these steps until you get your own sub domain.
  • Create your first content and create your website as a reference.
  • Make sure the articles you publish on this site are unique and original, so that your new website is easily indexed by Google.

You could say hatenablog is a combination of medium and jimdo, which is a platform that you can use to write and share ideas, through a website, where your website address will use the sub domain of This is a website that comes from Japan, and of course the writing or navigation on this website uses Japanese. But you don’t need to worry, even so, we have some tips for registering and getting backlinks from this site.

  • Please visit the hatenablog site at using the chrome browser.
  • Why do we recommend using Google Chrome, because in this browser there is a translate web page feature. Well, because the language is Japanese, you can translate it into Indonesian.
  • First you need to register and get a sub domain which will later become your blog address.
  • After you get your own blog, you can start writing articles and get backlinks from this site.

There is a site called whose presence is intended for those who are not too familiar with WordPress and other cms, but want to create a personal web page to explain themselves starting from their skills, interests, talents, or even offering products. Similar to social media, only the content on is more for portfolio sharing. We can also get free backlinks from this site. Unlike hatenablog where the backlink comes from the sub domain website that we just created, in the backlink will come from the sub directory like a new post on a website.

How to get

  • Visit the website address at
  • Click the ‘Get Your Free Page’ menu to create your profile page for free.
  • You will be asked to register, please complete the registration there.
  • Start setting your profile page, and enter your site on the website or blog menu. Use the site name as an anchor, later on your profile page at the bottom there will be a website.
  • Tip: Use fairly long content with unique articles so that the web page is easily crawled by Google bots, so that backlinks will be easier for Google to index.

Quora is a very popular question and answer platform, not only in Indonesia, this platform is also very famous on a global scale. Besides being famous as a web for finding answers, we can actually use quora for many things, starting from looking for reviews from authentic users, finding interesting content ideas, to promotional media. Yep, besides being able to use quora to get backlinks, we can also use it for promotion. For example, someone asks about an application for self-care, if you are an application developer with this theme, you can review your application on that question.

If your review is good, other users will ask for your comment to be at the top, which in the end is read by more people. Then how to get backlinks on quora?

How to get

  • Please register on the website or download the application.
  • Look for one of the questions that is relevant to your website or according to one of the content on your website.
  • If you don’t find it, you can also create your own question, and answer it yourself.
  • Use the content on your website as a reference, and that means you get backlinks with high DA PA from quora.
  • Dropbox

As someone who is close to the online world or works online, of course you are already familiar with Google Drive, right? Namely a place to save files online and share with other users. Actually, services like this are not only Google Drive, there is another alternative, namely DropBox, which besides being able to be used to store files, we can also use this place to get backlinks. Here are some ways you can do to get it.

How to get

  • Visit the site and please register an account on this site.
  • Prepare a document that we will upload to this site.
  • Enter a link to your site in the document, and also the description part of the document that we will upload.
  • Setting your document publicly so that it can be accessed by other people and google bot can crawl which will eventually index the backlink.

Still similar to DropBox, only is a platform whose presence is intended to facilitate business owners, editors, or even marketers to talk about what they are good at and their work in document format. If you want to get backlinks from this site, there are several ways you can do it. We will explain in detail below.

  • Visit the website at
  • Create your account on the site by clicking the ‘Try Now’ menu.
  • Complete your account information. You can also link your website address in information about your account, which will later appear on your account. This is the first backlink from the site.
  • In addition to the above method, there is another way, namely by uploading a document in which there is a link to your website, and also putting your website address in the description section of the document you uploaded.

For those of you who are in the world of podcasts, of course you are already familiar with which is often used to store postcast files so that they can be broadcast on spotify. Not many know that we can actually use this platform to create backlinks for free.

How to use

  • Please visit the website address at
  • Create your account there and complete the required information.
  • Enter your backlink in the bio section, using the html code.
  • Save changes and view your account, in the bio section there will be a link that can be clicked and goes to your site.