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Selecting a Church

When we talk of a church, we could be referring to the place where people meet to worship God or a group of followers who are at times known as a congregation. If you want a church just for the sake of attending Sunday services, you are spoilt for choices, and choosing one can be very simple. However, if you are looking for a place where you can grow as a believer, you have to be very careful with your search. It first starts with convictions. You may try to go to a certain church and the Spirit of God helps you to discern it is not the right place for you. However, there are also things you can look at when choosing a church and determine which one suits you and which does not suit you. Reading this page will help you to choose a good church.

You should research the various branches of Christianity. There are three main branches of the Christianity religion, these are, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodoxy. Each of these branches holds on diverse beliefs and have dissimilar traditions. Even though they all believe in the Scripture and Jesus Christ, they differ in regard to whether the Catholic Church or the Pope holds any religious authority. Protestants focus on the Bible to direct their faith other than a centralized church. Eastern Orthodoxy focuses on the writings of the Deuterocanonicals and belief that the Pope holds a similar authority as any other bishop. Roman Catholics hold on the doctrines of Purgatory and Transubstantiation and look at the Pope as the holy authority. You should read the bible carefully and pray to know which one suits you.

Educate yourself on various denominations. Under the major religious branches, there are many denominations. Others are nondenominational and are aimed at accepting everyone who is a Christian. If you study them keenly, you will realize the major differences and may be able to figure out the right church for you. Inter-denominational churches have no specific historical creed to hold on to. Baptist churches don’t baptize members such as kids and they fully immerse adults underwater. Quakers refuse ordained sacramental and clergy and are pacifists who aim at living quiet and uncomplicated lives. Sections of Protestants include Evangelical, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist.

Consider a church that is in line with your social beliefs. After you research the major denominations and branches, you will be in a position to make a more learned choice on which doctrine ring aligns with you as a person. You should reflect on your stand on crucial matters such as same-sex marriage, acceptance of different individuals who may be looked at as sinners to some believers, and reproductive rights. For example, Protestants believe in reproductive rights. Some churches accept people in the LGBT community, for example, the Reformed Catholics, the Independent Catholic Christian, the Alliance of Baptists, and the Covenant Church. Even if the Pope has commented positively regarding the LGBT community, same-sex marriages are not yet accepted in the Catholic beliefs.

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