The Best, Accurate and Easy Article Plagiarism Check Tool

Articles are a powerful weapon to increase your website traffic. Creating a variety of interesting article content by applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can make your article rank first in the SERP. Even so, it turns out that no matter how interesting content, it will be difficult to get to the first rank if it contains plagiarism. Therefore, it is very important to do an online plagiarism check for your articles.

There are lots of tools or websites to check for plagiarism. You can even find it easily by simply typing “check plagiarism” into a search engine. However, some tools or websites are paid and some are a little more complicated to use. In fact, there are online plagiarism check websites whose results are less accurate. For that, we will provide recommendations for the best online plagiarism check tools.

Is Online Plagiarism Check Important?

Before entering into recommendations for various tools and websites that provide online plagiarism checks, you must first know the importance of this check. Plagiarism comes from the word plagiarism which means copying other people’s work into one’s own work. One of the papers that should also not have plagiarism is SEO articles for websites. In fact, some companies require that the no plagiarism percentage be above 98%.

This means that the company only allows one to two sentences that are similar to other articles. Why is that? Because this affects the ranking of the website in the Google SERP. One way that you can apply SEO well is to create original or original work. That is, you create with your own language style, not the result of automatically generated content which is rewritten by robots.

Therefore, Google then made a provision regarding this. If the article content is the result of plagiarism, then the article will not be detected in the Google index. So, even though you have applied SEO rules in articles, if there is high plagiarism then your article will not rise to the first rank of Google SERP. So, you should pay attention to the originality of each of your article content so that it ranks first in the Google SERP.

The Best Online Plagiarism Check Tool

In making articles, you definitely get some information or reference material from other articles or journals published online. Sometimes, without you realizing it, some sentences from your article are similar to other articles. So, how do you know if there is plagiarism in your content? The method is very easy, you can use some of the following recommended tools or the best online plagiarism check websites.

1. Small SEO Tools

The first tool to check plagiarism online is Small SEO Tools. This tool is one of the most popular online plagiarism check tools. You can use this online plagiarism check tool for free or paid. For free checking, you can only do a plagiarism check of up to 1000 words. However, you can do an online plagiarism check of up to 30,000 words using a paid pro account.

The types of document files that you want to check are also quite diverse, ranging from tex, txt, to rtf you can upload to this tool. Apart from the site, WordPress users can also use this tool as a plugin. Just install the Small SEO Tools plugin on WordPress, you can do a plagiarism check online. In addition to checking for plagiarism, Small SEO Tools also provides several features such as paraphrasing, grammar check, SEO checker, and others.

2. Grammarly

Next, you can use the Grammarly tool to check for plagiarism online. Actually, Grammarly is a popular tool for checking English grammar or grammar. However, it turns out that you can also use this tool to check for plagiarism online and of course it’s free. The method is also quite easy, just like other online plagiarism check sites or tools. Just upload or copy-paste your document in the box provided.

You can also install Grammarly on your PC to detect more than 7000 web pages on the internet. In addition, you can also check for plagiarism online in Microsoft Word using Grammarly Premium which is of course paid. With a premium subscription, you can check for plagiarism without copy-pasting documents. In addition, many features are also available, such as get expert writing help.

3. Check Plagiarism

The next online plagiarism check tool that you can use for free is Plagiarism Check. If the previous tools have a word limit for free use, it is different from this one tool. You can check for plagiarism for free with no word limit. How to use it is also quite easy, all you have to do is copy-paste the document to be checked or select a document from an existing folder.

Check Plagiarism is quite popular among writers such as students, teachers, lecturers, and content writers. Apart from checking plagiarism online, you can also take advantage of other features on this site such as paraphrasing and checking grammar. If you want to check one of your uploaded content, you just need to enter the URL address of the content.

4. Check Plagiarism Online Duplichecker

The fourth site that you can use as an online plagiarism check tool is Dupli Checker. Among content writers, this site is quite popular. Sometimes, some plagiarism check tools are not very accurate in detecting plagiarism. In fact, some sentences that are not the same can be detected as plagiarism. However, these problems can be solved with this free tool.

You can access it easily through the Dupli Checker website. Just upload the file or copy-paste the document you want to check with a limit of 1000 words. If you want to check more than 1000 words, you can split the text in half. Or you can use a paid account from Dupli Checker. In addition to checking for plagiarism, Dupli Checker also has other features such as a backlink checker and a keyword position checker.

5. Copy Scape

Another site you can use to check for plagiarism is Copy Scape. This is different from other online plagiarism check tools or websites which only check one document. Copy Scape can help you check all the content on your website. Just enter the URL address of the website and check it at a time.

Later, Copy Scape will display the results of the check in the form of content detected as containing plagiarism with website links that have similarities. You can use Copy Scape for free. Well, if you want to get more results and more features, you can use a premium Copy Scape account which is of course paid.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

Even though there are free online plagiarism check tools, you should still reduce the chances of your writing being plagiarized. But how? The method itself is quite easy, namely write it in your own writing. Use the online plagiarism check tool just to make sure that everything is free from plagiarism. Well, so that you understand better, consider some of the ways you can do the following.

1. Paraphrasing

The first and most powerful way is to paraphrase. What is paraphrasing? Paraphrasing is changing the words in a sentence into their synonyms. For example, for an understanding sentence that uses the word “is” you can replace it with “is” or “that is”. By changing these words into synonyms, you can avoid plagiarism in your writing.

If you want to be even more secure, you can rewrite the entire content using your own language style. Just take the gist of the explanation after that type it in your own language style without getting hung up on the reference. If it’s like this, then your writing is less likely to be plagiarized because not everyone has the same language style.

2. Quote

Sometimes, when writing an article there are some things that are difficult for you to paraphrase. Sentences such as articles in legislation will be difficult for you to replace the words because they will still be detected the same as some other sources. Well, to overcome this you can replace the sentence into a direct quote.

If you have applied direct quotes, don’t forget to use quotation marks and include the source. Using quotation marks can also make sentences look different from similar sentences. Why is that? Because plagiarism detection tools and also Google read these sentences as unique and different sentences because there are quotes.


If you want to make your article content rise to the first rank on Google SERP, then make sure first that the article is 100% original by you. To avoid plagiarism issues, you can do a free online plagiarism check.

There are many tools or sites that you can use to check for plagiarism for free. In fact, you can check for one of your websites at once through the tool.

However, first make sure your writing is not plagiarized in the way described above. If you have, then do a plagiarism check using the tool to ensure that your article is free from plagiarism problems.