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The Excel Consulting Solutions You Never Knew You Needed

Offering a wide array of Excel services, MS Excel Solutions is a famous Excel consulting Sacramento County that has catered to the requests of small business, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. If you see that Excel can be the answer to your problem, then MS Excel Solutions can help. On the other hand, if you’re not all that sure if excel can be used then simply asked. Here are a handful of the many services of Excel consultant and programmers can provide.

Build and Design

MS Excel Solutions is more than capable of building everything from the simplest spreadsheet that can manage the vacation time of a group to extremely complex financial models. These experts figure out the exact tools to be used in Excel; these tools include functions, analysis tools, formulas, Excel VBA, Portables, importing and exporting and charts. All the solutions delivered by these experts are easily modified and maintained. Based on the experience of Excel programmers and consultants, they know exactly what to ask in ensuring the solutions they give can effectively meet the client’s needs yet remain flexible in meeting possible issues in the future.


Client needs and requirements are ever changing, and thus MS Excel Solutions have created innovative solutions using Excel which allows them to leverage these designs for other clients. Let’s say that they developed a complex data entry form that simplifies all the data entry, thus ensuring that data are consistent and duplication are avoided. Various reporting platforms have also been developed, which lets used quickly produce efficient reports without the help of additional writing tools.

Process Automation

Using a combination of functions, features and formulas on the spreadsheets, these experts are able to fully use of the Excel VBA coding language in automating the majority of the manual task in Excel. If the spreadsheet requires to be repeated manual steps or a function where you use similar or the same steps several times then there’s a likely possibility that they can automate all the steps in order to save time and effort.

Analysis, Feedback and Recommendation

A lot of spreadsheets can be immensely improved and users could really benefit from the improvements if only they know how and where to focus. Hence, this is where the experts come in to teach clients the basics. They can quickly analyze spreadsheets and identify how else it can be improved, list skills that the user will need in building the spreadsheet and recommend a detailed course of action in modifying the spreadsheet. Apart from coaching the users, they can make all the changes that the client prefers.

Data Management

In manipulating complicated and large volumes of data including, clean-ups and data validation, then Excel is the best tool. Experts use the exact Excel VBA and formulas needed in quickly going through hundreds and thousands or even millions of records before making the required changes. MS Excel Solutions typically create various solutions that can easily manipulate huge volumes of data within seconds while removing the possibility of errors.

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