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The Divorce Process

Couples who don’t seem to have a lasting marriage can end it formally by a divorce. The content of this article shows the procedure to be followed during a divorce process. The person who wants the divorce has to first file a petition which is the first step as outlined below. A divorce petition should contain different types of information that form part of the content as required by the law of a specific state. Divorce lawyers aid the spouses seeking the divorce to provide this information.

The second stage of a divorce process is requesting of temporary orders by parties any of the parties involved in the marriage that is being dissolved. Divorce process is long and this might not sit well with some spouses This is because maybe it affects different areas of their lives and they need to get over and done with the procedure because of other important issues. The court therefore allows a party to seek these orders if the content of the requests are sufficient enough to prove the need for the issuance of temporary orders.

The third stage involved in the divorce process is service and wait of response from your spouse. This document that is served is called proof of service. Proof of service is proof that you have already acquired the qualities that enable you to issue a copy of the divorce petition to your spouse. After service one is able to go to the following procedure involved in a divorce. A spouse can be served in many ways. The spouse is then supposed to reply to the content of this document. The spouse replies through writing to the court.

Agreement of some issues by couples is very difficult. Completion of this stage is after some terms and issues have been agreed on by the couple. This stage is very vital and may need the inclusion of third parties. This parties are not supposed to be biased and should come up with solutions whose content promote agreement. This mediation can also be done by the lawyers of different parties who understand the law. They use this understanding to come up with an amicable solution for both sides.

After mediation stage a divorce trial can commence. This is after they fail to come to an agreement with the help of the mediators involved. The court in this case through the content of the constitution listen to both parties and assess the situation. After that the final decision is reached and the divorce is finalized. A signature is then put to the document holding the content of the divorce. After this sign the marriage officially ends. The content of this document show how different aspects of the divorcees lives will go on.