Ukrainian President Zelensky visits Bucha

Ukrainian man Dmytro Lisovyy was sheltering in the basement of his Bucha home for two weeks as the Russians attacked “every day and every night” nearby.

Russian troops were “present on the streets. Maybe from the fourth or fifth day, they decided to check all houses. They came to our house. They destroyed all of the electronic devices inside our house, including laptops, including TV and so on,” Lisovyy told CNN.

As the troops tried to find smartphones, Lisovyy said his family hid their current phones and gave up their old ones.

“As a result, we have some connection with the world. We understand what is going on and what could be time for evacuation,” he said.

Lisovvy also spoke of the horror of living through this time.

“It was horrible to understand that every minute that something could fly into your house. Also, just could come and kill someone or destroy some of your things,” he said.

Eventually, he and his family decided to take the risk and use an evacuation route to escape.

The territory was “all controlled by Russian troops. There were many civilian cars destroyed by Russians during our evacuation. We saw it. They were shooting. It was civilian cars — not some other troops or something,” he said speaking of the risk his family took to escape.

They are now safe and Lisovyy spoke to CNN from Kyiv. However, many of his friends still remain in Bucha.

“My friends, unfortunately, [are] still in this area without any connection for a long time. No one knows if they survived or if they are OK,” he said.

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