Understanding & How to Optimize Google My Business [FULL]

When we run search marketing, on average the main concern is SEO, while something smaller like google my business is not that much attention. Even though the optimization of Google My Business or Google My Business also contributes to the transaction, although the amount is not as big as the SEO channel. Have you optimized your Google My Business profile? Or don’t even make it? If you don’t do one or both of them, this article can be a guide to creating and increasing the visibility of your business profile.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a business profile listing product created by Google for free that allows business owners to create their own business profiles and increase visibility to local transactions via search engines or maps. If your website’s SEO ranking is not optimal, a profile from Google My Business can be an alternative to reach local consumers, because the way Google displays its own business profile refers to the closest location, followed by rattting, and other parameters.

How to Optimize Google My Business 

Regarding how to create a Google My Business account, we will not explain further because there are many who provide guidance out there. And actually it’s also very easy, where we only need to access this address https://business.google.com/create and follow the step by step. We assume you already have a business profile, the next question is how to optimize Google My Business?

  • Accurate Location

Be sure to include an accurate location because Google itself determines which profile should be shown to users by looking at the closest location. In addition, this location will also be used to determine if someone is looking for a place recommendation, even though they are not at that location at that time. Suppose you are currently in Malang, and want to find goat satay in Surabaya, then Google will look based on profile listings located in Surabaya.

  • Business Name Contains Keyword

We have an assumption (could be true or could be wrong) that the way Google my Business and search engines work is almost the same, namely Google will search for business profiles and display them to users by making the business name as the main indicator, then proceed with other indicators (reviews, ratings, etc). However, of course on Google My Business it’s not as complex as a search engine. The problem is that most people who search for information on Google are not familiar with your brand name, and usually they will search based on the product category they are looking for. This is what we mean by keywords or keywords (the arrangement of words that can be used to search for something).

If so, it means that we have to make a few modifications to our business name, which is to include keywords in the business account name, followed by the brand name. This is very important if your business profile does not have a website (we will explain about this website in the next point). Suppose you have a business in the field of satay depot, then the business account name must have a combination of the brand name and keywords that users are often looking for. 

  • Get Reviews

Invite your customers to provide feedback regarding the products you sell on Google my Business, especially for customers who are satisfied with your product.

After the location and name (containing keywords), Google still selects which profile to appear based on the performance of a business which is determined by ratings and the number of reviews. The three profiles have the same rating value, namely 4.4, while the number of reviews is different, and the first place is he who has the most reviews (in other cases it can refer to high scores).

  • Include Website Address

We once found a business profile listing whose name did not contain keywords, reviews and ratings were not too many, but Google recommended the profile. After we contacted, it turned out that they did provide the service we were looking for.

The question is: “How can Google know that they provide the service when the information on their Google My Business profile doesn’t say that?” It turns out that the business owners have listed the website address on their profile, and information related to the service is on the website. Our assumption is that Google also includes information that can be found on the website to better understand a Google My Business account.

  • Post Content

In this free product, Google also provides a feature for profile owners to post content, whether in the form of photos or articles, that describes the product and offerings.

In addition to making your profile more attractive, this feature also functions as a mini blog to explain your products and business advantages.

  • Make it easy for customers

If you have done several ways to optimize Google My Business above, finally complete all the information and take advantage of other available features to make it easier for customers to contact you. This is important to ensure that everyone who views your profile can easily convert into a customer. Some of the features that make it easy for customers to contact you are directions, telephone numbers, and the option for SMS.

Google my business itself is a product created by Google, and like corporates in general, every company will definitely maximize and use their own products before using products belonging to other companies. And it’s proven, Google always puts the results of this profile listing at the top of the search engine. From our experience, Google my business also contributes to transactions, although the amount is not too much, and is still far behind SEO Chanel.