Website Design Tips for Beginners

Tips for Web Design Beginners - WanderGlobe

Your website is like your portfolio. It will showcase why your brand is better than the competitors out there. But a poorly-designed web page will demotivate your visitors. So, beginners should know the important web designing tips to stay in the lead. You need a professional level service as the competition is hard. Most importantly, it must align with the goals of your business.

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  • Easy Web Navigation

Usually, people try to make things complex by giving in too many elements to their website. One element that you must pay attention to is the navigation bar. Make it easy to locate and list all the pages in it. Your visitors can not only view the pages but also access them. 

  • Use 3 Fonts 

Too many fonts will only make your website look messy. To be honest, if you can use only one font, it will be the best decision ever. But we understand that people like to experiment. So, use 3 fonts at max or else the visitors will feel confused.

  • Use High-quality Images

The top web design company in Mumbai recommends using images. However, your image must be genuine. It must be related to the products or services that you are offering. This helps in building trust and your customers will know what they will be getting.

  • Choose Colours

You should know that a colour scheme can make or break the deal. Experiment with the right colours and test what your audiences will love. But do not make it like a rainbow, that will be too unpleasant. In case, you see higher conversion rates, know that your visitors are appreciating the scheme. 

  • White Goes a Long Way

Too many artworks or designs will only look untidy. Even your eyes need rest from those bold designs. Thus, keep white spaces in between paragraphs or images to give a bit of freshness. Moreover, it will be cleaner and your website will look a lot more appealing.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Make your website ready in such a way that your visitors can surf it on their mobile. The leading web design company in Mumbai knows that the speed and the layout differ when you open a web page from mobile and website. So, you need to build the site keeping these points in mind.

  • Call to Action

The main aim of any website or business is to drive in high traffic or bring more sales. As a result, integrating the call to action feature will help in achieving that. This is an interactive way that will encourage the visitors to do business with you. Hence, if you are a beginner, you have to make sure that the website is fulfilling the primary goals and the call to action will help in that.

For beginners, we hope that these web designing tips have given you a clear idea about what to do and what you shouldn’t. In 2022, avoid the common mistakes and do not get fooled for being a beginner.