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An Overview of Muslim Rights Advocacy Services

Providing equal services to people in a country is very essential for ensuring that people live with one another in peace. Equality also ensures that all people are not faced with challenges and thus live an enjoyable life. currently, in many states of the world, there have been different religions. These different religions observe different rituals and practices. For example, Christians go for prayer in churches. These different religions also carry out different festivals annually considering their doctrine. These religions also study different subjects when it comes to learning. In many states of the world, the most known religions are Christianity and Muslims. These religions differ a lot and most of the time find a crisis between these religions.

Christianity is usually the dominant religion in many countries, especially in America. Being the largest group, there comes discrimination between them and Muslims. This is because they may consider their religion superior to that of Muslims. This discrimination brings chaos which leads to stagnant growth of the economy of a country. however, this should not be the case since al people need equal rights and freedoms. Human rights and freedoms should be followed so as to eliminate discrimination in a country. considering these, there has been the emergence of law firms that are running advocates who are specialized in protecting the rights and freedoms of Muslims. These law firms are currently available all over the world ready to offer services to Muslim clients. Due to the improvement in modern technology, people are currently advisable to consider using the internet when looking for these advocates. One of the most known law firm providing Muslim rights is the CAIR-Columbus in Ohio.

There are different cases that these attorneys deal with. These include employment discrimination. These attorneys provide a presentation for those who have experienced discrimination in educational institutions. This may arise due to the subjects one is taking and the mode of dressing among the Muslims. They carry out this through arbitration. The other case these attorneys deal with is employment discrimination. Discrimination in work may arise due to rituals followed by Muslim workers, the mode of dressing among other reasons. These attorneys arbitrate the case between the employee and the employer so that discrimination in places of work is minimal. Sometimes discrimination may also be between one employee and another. These advocates also handle these cases.

The other case these advocates deal with is racial profiling. For a long time, Muslims have been profiled and discriminated against when it comes to the border crossing and the use of airports when traveling. These advocates are also good at dealing with cases concerning the movement of Muslims. Public accommodation is the other case these advocates are specialized in. sometimes, Muslims may be restricted from interacting with other people in places of accommodation. These may lower their self-esteem and therefore require to seek help form these advocates in order to be helped. The other case which these advocates deal with is immigration delay litigation. Sometimes Muslims face challenges when it comes to immigration. This is because their immigration applications may take longer to be approved and therefore there is a need to seek help from these advocates.

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