Why September Is Becoming Popular to Go Away

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September is becoming one of the most popular months for couples to go on holiday and the reasons for this are quite compelling

Temperatures from the middle of June, through July and August can be scorching with Greece in the last two weeks of August suffering from a heat wave that left the beaches empty because it was simply too hot to be outside even under umbrellas.

We have recently returned from Hydra one of the Sardonic islands and when we landed on 31st August the temperatures were in the mid thirties and we reliably informed them that they had been higher the previous week. The first night was really sticky and the air conditioning just about managed to make sleeping bearable.

Then within a few days the temperatures just dropped to around 25 centigrade and a pleasant breeze sprung up off the sea and it was a completely different place. People were out and about enjoying the sunshine, walking, swimming and browsing the shops.

The change from the stifling conditions of only a few days before was a little surreal even and the change in the holidaymakers and locals alike was quite noticeable. Toiling in humid conditions saps your energy levels and all of a sudden everyone seemed revitalized.

The other change was the disappearance of families with children to be replaced by couples making the beaches, restaurants and bars that much more peaceful. Whilst I have nothing against children and indeed like nothing better than seeing them play and enjoy themselves, it is nice just to relax and read a book without screams of laughter or just screams. It must be an age thing.

Then we come to prices from everything from airport parking, airport hotels with parking, flights and ferries. Prices plummet the further you move into September yet the weather is better.

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